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Price & research transducers for the Siemens Cypress Ultrasound Imaging Platform.

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A full range of peripherals for the Siemens Cypress ultrasound system, including printers and VCRs.

UP-895 Video Graphic Printer
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Part Number: UP-895

Get near photographic, high glossy prints when you use Sony's UP-895 monochrome video graphic printer. Designed for medical diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound systems, and with useful features including superb image quality, high-speed output, and compatibility with both EIA and CCIR video signals, the UP-895MD is the ideal choice for medical black-and-white print applications.


  • High-resolution 1280 dots x 608 lines printing (in WIDE 2 scan mode) and 256 steps of gray level

  • 12.8 dpm or 325 dpi print resolution

  • High quality, glossy, near photographic printing with UPP-110HG printing paper

  • Smoothing feature for smoother, clearer image output

  • Automatic selection of EIA/CCIR video signal

  • Automatic paper load system for simple operation

  • Multiple copies (up to a maximum of ten)

  • Audible alarm when printer needs paper or the video signal is absent

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Fast printing of approximately 3.9 seconds per screen (with smoothing feature turned off and printer set to STANDARD print mode)

  • Thermal head protection

  • Wide scanning function (NORMAL/WIDE 1/WIDE 2)

  • 2x zoom for either half of picture in either STANDARD or SIDE mode

  • Selectable 4:3/1:1 aspect ratio


UDS is not an authorized reseller nor are we a distributor of newly manufactured Siemens ultrasound equipment
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